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Enjoyable and Informative podcast

I have really been enjoying the podcast. They take important information that is not widely known, share it with the audience for both learning and insight, and do it in a friendly and entertaining way. It’s not super basic so many people can learn from it. Looking forward to their new ones, and wish them the best of luck on continuing this journey!

Entertaining and Informative

This is really well put together. The hosts are well informed and have a great chemistry. Looking forward to the whole season.

BEST New Podcast!

I was blown away by how amazing this podcast was! I am a business podcast junkie and this far

A Must Listen!

Just listened to Episode 1 and this is incredible! Great insight, wonderful chemistry, and a wealth of great ideas. Subscribe to this podcast now, and listen!


Really funny and really smart. I enjoyed this a lot. Definitely gonna add this to my playlist. Excited for the future of this podcast.

Engaging and Entertaining

What a great story about how this all started. You may have to Google Mark Achler, in order to confirm how beautiful his moisturized face actually is since we can’t see him! Hilarious. If you own a business, want to own a business or maybe you just want to envy someone else’s business - this podcast is for you!